Motif Fest brings together a community of like-minded people seeking the enjoyment of quality music and meaningful art. Let's join forces to support young and talented musicians.


There are causes that have the power to unite and lead to a better future, that move hearts and change lives, that give hope and bring light. The amount collected after holding the festival will be invested in a good cause chosen by the public and friends of Motif. 

Here are our suggestions:

· A scholarship for Lora Markova and Syon Najman, who are students at the most prestigious music education institution in Berlin;
· A scholarship for a young Bulgarian musician up to 18 years old after holding a competition;
· An artistic management training for young musicians;
· A purchase of an instrument for a young Bulgarian musician after a competition;
· “Health” fund for musicians with professional problems and those in advanced age;
· Your idea!